Today I’m back with a new blog post about your WordPress website. Or blog. Whatever you want to call it.

In the past year we have received quite a handful of email from our clients concerning their website security and particulary how to keep their site secure.

We always respond back with this: “There are a few very simple things you can do to keep your website secure, much of which is just good practice as you build your blogging routine.”

But in all honesty this is true – there is nothing you can really do to guarantee your site is completely and totally secure, it is just an ongoing process.

There are a few things you can incorporate in your blogging routine to keep your WordPress sire secure:

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As a rule of thumb when dealing with WordPress, templates, child themes, plugins etc. the best thing to do regularly is to keep them updated.

The best order to do these things are:

1. Update your plugins

2. Update your themes

3. Update WordPress



There are so many websites that offer you a side to side comparison of all of the hosting companies out there.  Security vulnerabilities often come from the host itself so you should choose a hosting company that has a tream in place that will take care of your issues in a timely manner.

I only use SiteGround because when I first started doing web design I didn’t knew anything about installing ANYTHING. They helped me with EVERYTHING and they even directed me to some really useful links that I still keep in my bookmarks folder.


It is always a good idea to take regular bakups of your site. I learned that the hard way. I use this plugin for my regular backups for my website and also for my clients.


This I’ve seen so many times. Whenever I work with a client, I always ask for permission to change their main username for their WordPress site.

Never use admin or any other easily guessable name for that matter.

If you are a bit more experienced with WordPress there are plenty of plugins that you can install that will change your login URL from the basic “” to whatever secret URL you want (e.g.


This one is the easiest one you can incorporate in your WordPress maintenance routine.

Make sure that each time you change it you use a good mixture of special characters, numbers and regular characters.

I had one client who wanted his password changed every single Monday morning. No exceptions 🙂


When installing new themes for your WordPress site, make sure the other ones that you don’t use are deleted or at least kept updated every time you get an update notification.

If you use a Divi child theme, don’t delete the DIVI template/theme. Even though is not “active” doesn’t mean it is not being used.


Same principal applies to plugins as well.

Plugins can create all sorts of issues if you are not actively updating them. One good rule of thumb is to remove (deactivate & delete) all of those plugins that you are not using.

You can always install it bak later if you ever need them, but good practice is to delete the ones that you are not using at the moment.


Whenever I need to download a plugin I always look at how many times the plugin has been downloaded, when it was last updated and if that particular plugin is compatible with the lastest version of WordPress.


Comments are one way for hackers to attach bad scripts into your website. Always delete those or marke them as SPAM. There are several plugins available for WordPress that are really good at filtering out spam comments. One of them is spam destroyer.

You can easily make these 9 things as a regular routine for your WordPress website.

There is no need to fear losing all of that hard work you have spent building your site.

If it seems overwhelming at the beginning, start with 2 things the first week and move up each week.

Talk soon,


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This month I received several emails asking me about why I have chosen WordPress as my go-to platform for blogging and digital shop.

I emailed back saying how I wanted to choose Squarespace in the first place but found it to be too expensive at that time for me and so the next best thing was WordPress.

why wordpress is the right platform for your blog

I have worked on many websites, many different blogs, many shops and online stores, and I will tell you why I remained faithful to this platform:

WordPress is the most Affordable.

I had to start with this one as this is the most asked question I get over email and twitter DMs.

You can easily setup your WordPress website with a budget of $100 or less. My personal recommendation is purchasing your domain through SiteGround (around $12-$15 depending on the domain name), hosting through the same company SiteGround (around $3.45 a month for shared WordPress hosting + you will get a FREE domain name renewal every year if you renew your hosting plan with them), and blog theme ($29 – $79 from the Shop).

With less than $100, you have a beautiful, responsive website for your blog or business.

Each year, you will have to renew your domain and hosting – $50-60, but your blog theme is a one-time purchase (and there are also free options).

Search Engine Friendly.

I cannot stress this enough: WordPress is great for SEO. You have the option (it is kind of mandatory too) to install the YOAST plugin who helps you with everything you need to setup the SEO for every blog post/product you are putting live on your website.

You don’t have to be a SEO expert, Yoast will guide through everything.

One click Install, Easy to Manage and Easy to Update.

This one was one of the most important things for me when I first started designing. I had no idea what CMSs were, I had no plans on ever learning to code (oh how life changes sometimes) – all I wanted was a one click install platform that allowed me to create and play around with options.

WordPress did just that for me.

Most hosting companies offer their clients one-click installs. Nothing is being downloaded to your computer. You get to setup a username and password and you have a very customizable dashboard right at your fingertips.

Open-source anyone?

When I first googled “wordpress vs. [insert any other platform here]” I read a lot of comments about this platform being an open-source CMS. I had no idea what that was. And I’m sure most of us didn’t knew about this term when we first started building our first websites.

Open-source means that there are thousands of WordPress developers all around the world working day and night to improve the system. And none of what they do costs you a penny. Free security and feature updates, every quarter? You bet. Can you say that about your CMS provider? (text credit goes to

My favorite: Highly Customizable.

WordPress is popular because it meets the demand of many users with its flexible framework to allow designers and developers to create and modify layouts and applications.

Remember no. 3 in the list? How I said I did not plan on ever learning to code? 🙂

The WordPress community is so great and filled with infinite information ready to be absorbed by anyone wanting to know and apply more to their own website.

This community has thought me so much! I remember bookmarking and saving every single piece of information I could find so I would never lose anything if the internet suddenly went armageddon on us (I lived under a rock for quite awhile so don’t judge) and started applying different customizations to my then lifestyle blog.

Even today, I create affordable and highly customizable WordPress templates for my clients because WordPress created this space for me to learn, grow and develop something that I now call my business.

Talk soon!

Hi! I’m Natalie, web designer, developer, and founder of Natalie’s Box.

This blog is a mix of business and fun – full of helpful tutorials and inspiration.



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Hello everyone, hope you had an amazing start of the year!

My 2017 is crazy busy at the moment, I am currently working on 4 projects so I know I have been MIA for awhile now.

I hope I can manage to get back on track and start writing and sharing my work and my work process with you on a weekly basis. I’m not making any promises though 🙂 

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Today’s #MoodboardMonday is all about french chateau style. I am currently working on an amazing project for 2 clients. Sabine, from Avalon Events Organisation and John (visit his website here) who is an amazing architect from LA and a sweet, down-to-earth human being – we are putting together a website for John’s house in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, South Of France. 

He wants to rent the house to beautiful couples who want to enjoy their time together in a secluded and intimate village; a village with such history, such beauty… I am just going to add some photos here so you can look for yourself.

The website is 90% finished, we still need to add specific details, more content and more amazing photos.

But I do have to mention that this process is a special one because John and Sabine have such an incredible and distinct sense of style. They know exactly what they want and I’m here just to help them execute it.

If you asked me to describe my dream client, I would show you a picture of their sweet faces!

Stay tunes for updates on the logo design process and final website reveal!

Hi! I’m Natalie, web designer, developer, and founder of Natalie’s Box.

This blog is a mix of business and fun – full of helpful tutorials and inspiration.



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I am so excited about the new shop launching here soon at

And before I start adding new products to the shop, I invite you all to take a look at a new DIVI child theme I created. Did I say it is FREE?  Well yes it is! 

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To be honest, I am more creative than technical so it took me a while to figure out how to export and write the PDF instruction file for this child theme (shhh…. watched a lot of youtube tutorials 🙂 )

But the theme is finally here and can now take 2 days off from the computer!

Anyway, here is the link to the DEMO SITE hope you like it. I wanted to name this first child theme after my first child – Ana – clever right? I wanted to keep the layouts as simple and clean as I possibly could so whoever downloads it, can play around with it, and add in their personality and character. Every layout, button and element is meticulously styled. With beautiful white space and elegant typography, all from Google fonts.

Feel free to look around, download it and play around with it!

*FREE download only available until November 30, 2016 as part of the Cyber Monday week deals.


Hi! I’m Natalie, web designer, developer, and founder of Natalie’s Box.

This blog is a mix of business and fun – full of helpful tutorials and inspiration.



Owner of Natalie's Box,



I’ve been a long time admirer of Louise’s design work and her See Ya Never clothing business.

Louise is the talent behind Solopreneursidekick, a design studio and blogger who shares a LOT of knowledge on her blog about running a business and managing a social media presence. Definitely check it out if you get a chance. Plus, I feel like she’s got such a great aesthetic, I can’t wait to see more of her work. 

I’m so excited Louise was on board to share a little insight into her path and day-to-day. Read more about her below!

1. Tell us a little about yourself:

Hi! My name is Louise Henry and I am the founder of Solopreneur Sidekick.  I teach entrepreneurs how to build their own website.  And not just that, one that does what it’s supposed to do – bring in clients! I’ve been building brands and websites for over 4 years now and I’m obsessed with everything related to online business. Seriously – you’ll find me staying up way past my bedtime, studying more and more every day about marketing, entrepreneurship & building websites. It’s my passion and I’m so grateful that I get to do what I do.


2. Describe your path to becoming a designer:

My path to becoming a designer is an uncommon one! I actually started in e-commerce with my own personalized jewelry line. Just like most new entrepreneurs, I didn’t have the biggest budget, so I had to teach myself how to build my brand and website. Well, along the way I discovered a passion for branding and design, so I began studying and learning everything I could. I decided to transition away from an inventory-based business to a digital one – and that’s how Solopreneur Sidekick was born.

3. What’s a typical workday like for you?

At the moment, I’m working on launching my online course, Build a Better Website, so that means my days are long! I would say each day is different, but generally a mix of content creation, designing graphics (social media posts, Facebook ads etc.), marketing and engaging on social media. The things that don’t change: starting every morning with a coffee and to-do list.

4. How did you prepare yourself to jump in and start your own business?

Well, there was really no stopping me so I can’t say I did much preparation! I think when you’re destined to be an entrepreneur, the feeling is pretty strong. I jumped in with the attitude of, “I’ll make it work” and I’ve never looked back!

My advice to others in this position, however, would be to start your online business as a side hustle. Yes, there are those crazy, overnight success stories, but usually, there’s more to the story than that. The learning curve is steep and the way to keep this enjoyable is to do it on the side so you’re not stressing the entire time about where your next dollar is coming from and can focus on learning.

5. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of the job is helping other women fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams. I love challenging people to take a chance and to really go after their big goals – it’s truly incredible to help make this happen!

6. What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced working for yourself?

The biggest challenge is trying to achieve some resemblance of work-life balance. I’m still working on figuring that part out!


7. Who is inspiring you at the moment?

Right now, I’m inspired by hard-working women dominating in the online course world, like Mariah Coz. It’s awesome to have women who are a few steps ahead of me that are so open with sharing their knowledge. Not only this, but I think they really demonstrate what is necessary to excel online – their visibility and consistency is a great example to everyone.

8. Any advice you would give to someone wanting to be a designer?

Diversify! Set yourself up with multiple income streams. Beyond services, you can sell templates, courses, ebooks and more.  Even if you don’t do this right away, start collecting emails from day 1, so that when you’re ready, you have an audience to sell to.



Hi! I’m Natalie, web designer, developer, and founder of Natalie’s Box.

This blog is a mix of business and fun – full of helpful tutorials and inspiration.



Owner of Natalie's Box,