Sep 5, 2016 | moodboard

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Hello and happy Monday everyone!

I thought I’d share a moodboard I created a month ago and haven’t had the time to even post it on my social media yet. I’ve been working for a lovely yet such a professional wedding planner, Sabine, from Monaco… and I had the opportunity to redesign her Avalon Events Organisation website.

Sabine has given me complete creative control and by doing so it’s allowed me to bring all of the amazing content and imagery and pull it together into a great design for her website that reflects her personality and let’s her stand out.

The site looks so good. We’re keeping it simple and tasteful with a little edge. Definitely one of my favorite branding projects to date.

But not only did I work for her main site but also got the chance to design a complete new personal website just for her, so please feel free to visit her personal blog here. I will be sharing the moodboard for this site, next Monday along with other visual and design elements as well.

Along with this moodboard, I also thought I’d leave you with some amazing photos from her wedding portfolio – photos that inspired the outcome of this project.

Have a great week, dear friends. Blessings!