Let’s all agree on something here: Instagram is the social media platform you need to be on right now – especially if you are a product – based business.

It is the easiest and cheapest (free!) way to market to your target audience and ideal clients. However, you still want to make sure you are using Instagram effectively and efficiently in order to utilize its benefits accordingly.

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Today I thought about putting together 5 tips or suggestion for you to take into account when using Instagram for your business.

1. You need to comment back to your audience.

We all want engagement, we as humans need connecting with other… humans. We want to feel heard, appreciated, and known. This means that your audience wants to feel noticed and heard by you – they want to know that you notice their voice (comments). The easiest way to do this is by commenting back to the people who comment on your photos. This creates a conversation and makes you seem more human to your audience. This connection will increase the likelihood of your audience purchasing something that you offer. They will view you as a person, not just a transaction. I know that as a business you have a tempting offer to automate your response on all your social media accounts – unless you run a 100+ product – based business, I suggest you don’t use this type of softwares.

2. Do not follow too many people in the same industry / niche as yours.

You should reach out and try to connect to people who want and need your services. Finding your ideal client can be a challenge, but it is very important to find the right audience. Create your posts in a way that speaks to the people who need your product. Think about your client’s needs and how your products meet those needs they have!

Furthermore, if you are only following the people doing the same thing as you, you are bound to fall into the comparison trap. And today – nobody has time for that!

Start following people who inspire creativity, confidence, and authenticity, while also making you feeling empowered. It will help you keep a healthy perspective and mindset while using Instagram to grow your business.

3. Choose your hashtags carefully.

Hashtags are an incredible way to get your photos and your products or services into the eyes of your ideal clients and followers. There are several free resources about the most used hashtags that you can easily find by searching on Google, but I will say this: think about what someone looking for your product would search. If you are selling your art work, put yourself in the shoes of someone looking for your product. Then, utilize those hashtags to increase potential views of your photo. In addition, take advantage of the most used hashtags on Instagram. It will help others find your incredible work and talent, and eventually turn followers into customers!

4. Date and time of posting are crucial.

First of all – your audience likes consistency so please make sure you post regularly. It builds trust. Next, find the BEST time of day for YOUR audience.

If you didn’t knew this one before, one little trick is to do a little bit of Google searching to find what times are best to post on Instagram and you could start from here then customize your dates and times according to your exact audience. Search online for infographics – these will help you a lot in learning what works and what doesn’t when it comes to social media posting.

After you get comfortable with posting regularly and at appropriate times, you will need to do a little case study in order to gather the information you need to post for your audience. Spend one week posting at different times of day. Then go back and see what posts had the most engagement. Moving forward, do the majority of your posting during those times of day.

5. You need to use Instagram Stories.

Ok, I have to say this: I am not a fan of Snapchat. I read too many blog posts about how Snapchat can benefit your business and I can’t do it. To many social media accounts, too much scheduling, too much of the same content spread all across these platforms BUT when Instagram Stories was introduced, I was actually excited. 

And you know why? Because my audience and I’m sure yours as well, would like to see behind your neatly crafted instagram feed, behind the pretty curated photos. They want to see behind the scenes work, sneak peeks, coming soon projects and so many other things related to you as a human being.

Another unique aspect of Instagram Stories, one aspect that Snapchat failed at in my opinion is the ability to comment privately on the Story. Ever since Instagram Stories came out I have been getting DMs from people with whom I have never interacted before.

I truly hope that these 5 suggestions helped you a little bit in your day-to-day business. Just remember that you are already doing a great job, and you will only get better and better at using Instagram!

Until next time, see you on Instagram!


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