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Hello again, beautiful friends!

It’s another end of the week for us all and I think it’s time to take a break from all the hustle and bustle of life.

This week even though crazy busy, I still managed to read and get inspired by some wonderful online resources and I would like to share them with you today. Enjoy!

  1. I absolutely love the LATER app that let’s me schedule not only my instagram photos but also allows me to write my captions then and there.
  2. For those of you who often struggle to find a catchy headline for each of your blog posts, this Headline Analyzer website has helped me a lot with my own blog but also my client’s SEO projects.
  3. I’m really into learning ALL the ins and outs of Adobe Illustrator and this has been my goal since January so if you are a newbie trying to brake into the design industry, I found 100 Adobe Illustrator tutorials for you (… and me hihi)
  4. And just to brag a little: I am in awe every time I look at my friend’s photography work. She posts most of her work on her personal photo blog and I’m not only jealous of her talent, but I recently found myself playing with my old Nikon camera trying to imitate her work. Silly, isn’t it? :)))

Have a blessed weekend everyone, talk soon!



tools for creatives | useful weekly link from nataliesbox.com

I cannot believe it’s already Thursday!

You know that feeling when you’ve got too many things to handle and so you try to do it all at once but you don’t actually get anything done? Yea, that’s me. One thing at a time. But hey! I’m back at it and feeling pretty good about everything I checked off my list this week. This week has been crazy but after finishing up some projects the craziness is slowly dying down and now it’s almost weekend time!

In the meantime I thought I’d leave you with some links to check out. →

  1. I love Gilger’s new studio space that they just completed.
  2. Cory posted some great videos on learning mobile photography.
  3. Jen wrote a great post on how to write a successful project proposal.
  4. The IKEA catalog for 2016 has me wanting to turn my wallet upside down and say, “take all my money!”


I hope you don’t mind, I’ll be sharing a few weekend photo posts here and there. 🙂





Wheeewww. WE ARE LIVE!

I am so humbled by all the interest and support I have received regarding this little labor of love. I have been thinking about this business for quite some time now and I am excited (and nervous) to see how it will be received now that it’s been unveiled.

For the past few months I have been working behind the scenes to make this dream a reality and I am so excited to announce that Natalie’s Box is now officially open for business!


Natalie’s Box specializes in Branding, Web Design, and full Search Engine Optimization Services for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs. Through a collaborative process, I identify your key business goals and then create custom design solutions + SEO strategies to help you achieve those goals. Whether you are just starting out or are ready to take your business to the next level, Natalie’s Box is here to help.


Natalie’s Box mission and overall goal are to make great design accessible to all people, and also offer the best SEO services on the market; whether that means delivering complete solutions to my clients or lending a helping hand to other entrepreneurs.

On the blog, I will be sharing tips on the design process, running a business, and so much more! I will be posting new content every week, so be sure to check back or follow along in your favorite feed reader. If you enjoy the blog, then be sure to subscribe to my monthly email newsletter for early access to my best tips & tricks and other exclusive content.

For Natalie’s Box behind-the-brand images, follow me on Instagram @NataliesBox and Pinterest @NataliesBox

P.S.: If you are looking for a beautiful solution for your business or website, feel free to get in touch with me at natalie@nataliesbox.com